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Premium Eggs

Our Eggs are produced on a modern Egg farm with full mechanization to ensure that the best upkeep of the hens and subsequently only the best quality eggs makes it to our customers.

The full automated packaging includes sorting, weighing of individual eggs, UV sanitization and automatic inspection for dirty and cracked eggs.

Just like the way Doozy Farm Cows are provided the best nutrition so that they can produce the best quality milk, similarly the hen on our partner farm are given the best feed which includes high protein vegetarian diet including Soya and Maize, feed also includes number of high immunity herbs including Haldi, Sattavar, Ashwagandha and Genda Flower petals, so that they can provide increased immunity.

Key Features:

  • Individually weighed – each egg is 53gm or above
  • Hi-Protein – Sunny Yellow yolk
  • UV sanitized
  • Sorted – No dirty or Cracked egg
  • No Human Touch – Hygienically packed

So with Our eggs you can really enjoy them in any form or ways and can truly say Sunny side Up!!!!

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