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Vegetable Basket

Our vegetables come from young vegetable Farmer who has been practicing Best Agriculture Practices for last 5 years, to produce chemical free vegetables.
Vegetables are grown without using any insecticide or pesticide and plucked a day before so that you receive Fresh, Healthy and delicious Vegetables the next day for your family. We have 2 options: 1. Regular and 2. Premium plus.
The baskets are designed for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, to last for 1 week. Each Box will have an assortment of freshly plucked individually packed seasonal vegetables and will be delivered every Wednesday. The basket components will change as per season and vegetable produce in that season.

Key Features:

  • Best Agriculture Practices are followed to produce chemical free vegetables
  • We deliver vegetables in less than 24 hours from plucking. “Freshness Guarantee”
  • Baskets include a variety of exotic vegetables, leafy vegetables, traditional vegetables, herbs, peppers, chilies, seasonal vegetables, all sown and cultivated in our selected and audited farms
  • Veg in a Box will come with Doozy farm’s Guarantee and promise of Best Quality, Pure and Healthy Product for you and your family.
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